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If you own a golf club or you are part of a golf club, then you most likely have had your fair share of golf tournaments over the years. Tournaments can be a fun and exciting way to enjoy golf, especially when tournaments are done in good faith and are well designed to provide fun for everyone. If you are looking to do some planning for an upcoming golf tournament, then here are some tips to making it more memorable and fun for both players and fans alike.  

Contest Prizes and Packages

Golf tournaments often provide fun incentives like prizes and golf packages from the golf club where the tournament is held. Golf tournament prizes honestly can come in all shapes and sizes, such as a cash prize or a brand new set of golf clubs. While cash prizes are great incentives on their own, showcasing a different prize as well could often bring fresh players to your tournament to compete, thus bringing more crowds and sponsors to the event.

Charity Contests

Giving away to charity is a noble and honorable pursuit that you should consider when planning your next golfing tournament. By pulling in sponsors to provide extra room for cash and offering a matching sum of money to a charity by choice of the tournament winners, you could bring joy into the lives of those in need. Additionally, many VIP golf professionals enjoy events that give to charity, so you may find yourself catering to some of the biggest players in the sport.

Host Clinics and Workshops

There are many people who look forward to playing golf, but sometimes do not quite make tournament regulations. By providing clinics or workshops by golf professionals, you could help people improve their game when previously unable to do so. This is also a great way to help golf enthusiasts get out more and enjoy a game they love. Depending on the type of tournament you are providing, you could also help host a small separate contest for people attending the clinics and workshops.

Golfing is a fun sport that can be played by many people, old or young. While not everybody may be able to make tournament regulations, perhaps due to their golf handicap or for a lack of funding, you can still find a way to make a tournament enjoyable for everybody. If you are looking to plan your next tournament, definitely keep these tips in mind!


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